Chitosan antibacterial membrane

Chitosan antibacterial membrane
The "Chitosan Antibacterial Membrane" produced by Jiaxing Softer Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was developed by the China Center for Toxicology Drug Toxicology (World Health Organization Human Reproduction Research Cooperation Center) and has a new generation of biological products with original intellectual property rights. The core material of "Chitosan Antibacterial Film" is chitosan nano-iodine (chitoiodine), which is the core technology of the film. It is a complex of chitosan and iodine, and has the properties of chitosan and iodine.

Softer Biotechnology

Founded in 2009, it is a high-tech enterprise based on science and technology. It takes human health as its mission and development power, and medical device manufacturing, drug research and development and production as its main development direction. At present, the company is cooperating with Shanghai family planning scientific research institute and China Reproductive Regulation drug toxicology testing center of World Health Organization reproductive research center to research and produce biomedical materials for reproductive health and treatment of body diseases.

Six major technological innovations

Technological innovation


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